Technique Strength

International leading manufacturer of lithium battery anode material
Ronbay Lithium is committed to becoming international advanced and domestic leading lithium battery enterprise and leading the development direction of lithium battery ternary material, with the management policy of production, continuous improvement, global integration, financial-industrial combination, amoeba operation and career partners.

International leading R&D team

We are manufacturer of lithium battery cathode material with the highest technology and strongest comprehensive strength in China, whose team mainly composes of high technicianswith doctor degree. The new waste recovery process without extraction by comprehensive recovery Ni Co Mn newly developed by the team is in the industry leading level. Ronbay Lithium is regarded as “ Whampoa” in ternary material field via its rich experience in the development of ternary materials, which has traditional first-mover advantage.

Advanced equipment & Efficient production

Ronbay Lithium produces development precursors to 15, 000 tons and development NCM to 9, 000 tons per year. The equipment all adopt the newest technology products, such as Electrode Sheet Cutter, Both-Side Coater, and KF Moisture Analyzer. In addition to the production of NCM and precursors, Ronbay Lithium has high achievements in resource regeneration and new product processing.

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Nine Core Technologies

Ronbay has the highest and the most comprehensive technology strength in China.

NiCoMn metal recovery technique

Lithium carbonate recovery technique

NiCoMn precursor co-precipitation technique

High temperature sintering technique

Particle diameter control technology

Material doping technique

Surface treatment technology of material

High voltage material production technology

Magnetic impurity control technology


Ronbay is committed to becoming global the most important new energy material enterprise by powerful combination.

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